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Making your Relationship Work

You want your relationship to work and go in the right direction because you’re in love. Making your relationship work and succeed takes two people being involved with communication. If things are going wrong then ask a question. Communicate to your partner. Talk about your feelings and show that you want to have your relationship succeed. You need to be a good listener and pay attention to what your partner might be having problems with.

Symptoms your Relationship is Failing

Here are some symptoms that your relationship is sinking.

  • Less physical interation
  • Less time spent together
  • Complacency
  • More Arguments
  • You are both Easily Annoyed at Each Other

Talk About what is Going on and Try to Resolve it

Get it out! Talking might lead to arguing but keep an open mind. Listen and try to come to an understanding. Admit when you have been wrong and stand up for yourself when you feel you have been wronged in the past. At the least, talking about your issues will bring things out on the table and it is up to you both to arrange those things to come to an agreement.

What Might be Going Wrong?

It could be a number of things. Maybe you aren’t in a committed relationship. Maybe the person you’re with has an opposite personality and can’t relate to you causing conflicts again and again. Have you been paying attention to your partner? Have you been sweet and done nice things for them? If you have then there is something else wrong that you are unaware of. Again, ask about it and talk it out.

Do Nice Things for your Partner

Show that you care! Send a sweet text image emulating your affection. Make dinner for them and enjoy a new movie together while on the couch. Show that you respect your partner and that you are a supportive partner.

My Partner isn’t Trying!

If your significant other doesn’t seem interested in making your relationship survive then you know it is over. If this is the case you need to accept reality and move on. Get back to your roots and get strong within yourself again. If you need to move then do so and start doing things you like to do. Take a class and interact with other people to meet new friends.

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